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Do you know that dirty dryer vent could threaten your house’s safety? A dryer vent is a necessary appliance inside your home & your company. However, poor maintenance & improper installation could be a serious fire hazard. For that, to prevent dryer fires, you need professional cleaners as 911 Dryer Vent Cleaning Irving TX.


Why the Dryer Vent Catch Fires?

According to the fire administration in the U.S. every year in Irving Texas, there are almost 3k fires caused by the dryer vent. The leading cause behind these fires is the malfunction & failure to clean the dryer regularly. A fair percentage of these dryer vent fires happen because of poorly maintained units.

The dryer vent accumulates debris, fibers, & lint inside the drum during the clothes drying process. Although most of the lint is trapped in the lint screen, the lint trap can’t catch 100% of debris & lint. This debris is flammable & can block the airflow of your system.

Also, your dryer can catch fires out of being obstructed with insects & small animals. These things can clog the vent & make it work less efficiently than a properly maintained one. As a result of being exhausted, the dryer will overheat and then start the fire. Therefore, to prevent fire hazards, call 911 Dryer Vent Cleaning Irving TX.


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The Signs Of Clogged Dryer

Do you find your clothes come out after a full drying cycle extremely hot or damp? Does your laundry take extra clothes drying time? Do you find yourself in front of increased utility bills? These are clear signs that you have a clogged dryer vent that needs expert maintenance from 911 Dryer Vent Cleaning Irving TX.

Also, if you found that your laundry area is hot & there is a musty odor, then you need our help. Once you notice one or two of these signs, you must call our lint cleaners right away. Our professional dryer vent cleaning techs will inspect & unclog your dryer at the most reasonable and cheap prices in Irving TX.

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The Precaution To Avoid Dryer Fires

If you want to prevent this fire hazard, here are several safety measures that you can follow to avoid any dryer fires inside your property. First, you need to install a fire alarm inside your laundry area. Next, make sure that your unit is installed correctly & exhausted directly outside to minimize the fire hazard.

Then, seek regular maintenance from a professional lint removal service as 911 Dryer Vent Cleaning Irving TX Removing the lint only from your filters isn’t enough; you need a full vent system cleaning the thing that you can quickly get from our local cleaners. So, call our “near you” service now & don’t worry, all our services come with a free estimate.

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Dryer vent cleaning services are important to have, and I’m so glad that your technicians are here for me in that regard. You guys are so awesome, and I mean that!

Eleanor Crisp

Dryer vent clog removal is something that I can’t do myself, and I need a lot of help when it gets the best of me. But thankfully, you guys are on my side! Thanks so much.

Emma Zacks

Thank you so vo much for helping me with my dryer vent removal services. It hasn't been always easy, but I feel a lot better knowing that your vent professionals are on my side.




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